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What A Transformation!

We were approached by these lovely clients to give a complete overhaul of their back garden.

It was previously a space whilst the children were growing up and had been maintained very little due to it being a play space.

Now the children are grown up, a more grown up space was required and we are so happy to have met the brief with these clients. There was a lot of planning intially of the space.

Take a look from start to finish!!

And if you are interested to see it unfold watch this!

Here is a little tour of the finished space:

From planning to completion this project was a pleasure to work on!

Even when we have an idea on how a project will turn out, the end result can still amaze us when you look back to where we started.

Thanks always goes to the following for their quality supplies: Sullatober Building Supplies, McMonagle Stone and Eglantine Timber.

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