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Day by Day

Let's give you an idea of how these garden transformations take place!

Day One

And it begins...Old flagging is cleared, soil dug out and ground levelled ready for hardcore to go in the following day. Flagging started which on this particular job was kandela grey sandstone with a heather edging brick and heather step risers to match the red brick in the house. We tried to move forward as quickly as possible with this job as a new arrival was imminent within weeks.

Day Two

We are getting there! That's about half of the total flagging laid. Next stage is building the new steps and installing the recessed manhole lids.

Day Three

Pushing on we have found ourselves ahead of schedule. Just a small path to flag and grouting to do and then it will be on to the next one. All this while Hurricane Lorenzo was doing it's stuff.

To see the final transformation have a look in our time lapse video section.

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