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Creating A Safe Space Within A Large Space

This was a lovely job to do in Newtonabbey. This family have a large site but wanted a secure family space for them and their young daughter to enjoy safely. We accomplished this and the clients were so happy.

We started by sitting down with the family and using 3D imagery to visualise what they could achieve.

Here is how the transformation started:

We started by digging out the garden and then built a retaining wall. We then left the wall to settle for a few weeks to settle before returning to backfill and compact.

We then completed the flagging, followed by the fencing and finished off the transformation with the pergola.

We were well looked after on this job and will miss our lunchtime treats of toasties, bacon sandwiches,pizza and ice cold drinks on tap lol.

If you want to see how happy our littlest client was then head over to our Instagram.

The materials on this job were supplied by Eglantine Timber, Sullatober Building Supplies and Quarrystore.

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